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Hey friends. Here we go—another week of “social distancing.” Anyone else getting stir-crazy yet? Have you taught yourself how to knit yet? Write calligraphy? Sew a quilt? The weekend before last, I baked my first ever Hershey’s Chocolate cake last weekend (it was ugly, but delicious) and created an at-home iced coffee recipe. And I also binged seven episodes of Game of Thrones in one sitting. This past weekend, I worked on my book for eight hours straight (with a few breaks) on Saturday and then had an all-day Netflix date with the Dunder Mifflin team. They’re really helping me get through all this. It’s all about balance, right?

Anyway, I know a lot of you are online shopping right now. I mean, it’s the only way we can shop for non-essential items, right? I don’t even want to admit how many items are in my Amazon shopping cart right now… but I will. It’s 17. Once the pandemic is over and we can go back to being social people again (I’m going to hug EVERYONE!), I am going to be so excited to put on a sundress, curl my hair, and use my good mascara (not the everyday stuff). I did a little shopping before we went on our trip to Miami (that’s another post coming up soon), and I wanted to share with you some of the pieces I wore while we were there + some items I’m considering purchasing soon (meaning they’re sitting on my wishlists).

While I generally purchase items in plus sizes, many of these (especially the Loft & Target picks) can be purchased in regular sizes. All American Eagle bottoms can be purchased in sizes 00-24.

First Up: Ann Taylor Loft



(L,R) Peplum top, Jumpsuit, Polka Dot Sheath Dress, Maxi Dress, Pocketed Dress, Yellow Romper.


Next: Target 


(L,R) Pintuck Maxi Dress, Yellow Tie-Dye Dress,  White Ruffle Sleeve Dress, Elbow Sleeve Dress.  Tiered Ruffle Dress (Not pictured).


Lastly: American Eagle ( I mainly purchase bottoms from them)


(L,R) White Denim Mini Skirt, White Eyelet Skirt, Denim shorts with Rolled Hem, Distressed Festival Shorts, Black denim shorts, Green Flowy Shorts, Striped Shorts, White Eyelet shorts, Lace Detail Distressed Shorts.

Let me know what you’re shopping for and if you enjoyed this type of post. Are you shopping during social distancing? Where have you been shopping? Drop a comment below!

Love y’all,


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  1. I’ve been shopping a lot for Scentsy, haha. My house has been smelling GOOD since I’ve been home. I’ve also done some Old Navy shopping…it’s the one place where I know everyone’s sizes so I don’t have to worry about things not fitting!!


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