April In Review


First of all, April was nothing like I thought it would be. I never expected to be socially distancing for the entire month… but that’s what happened. April was also the hardest month I’ve ever faced at my full-time job, and I would say that I cried at least once a day almost every day of the week in April.

That being said, it was actually a pretty good month. I worked on my second novel, Back Home (releasing in July), almost every single day. Some days, I put in 7-9 hours of work. It was exhausting, but it was also the perfect escape from the stress of reality. I’m really excited to release this story because I cannot wait for y’all to read it.

Now, what else did I do last month… Hmmm, let’s see:

What I Read:

  • The Woman In The Window by A.J.Finn. I’m not usually into thrillers, but this story of an agoraphobic woman who is convinced that she witnessed a murder sucked me in, and I couldn’t stop reading it.
  • Would Like To Meet by Rachel Winters. Honestly, I couldn’t get on board with the “heroine” of the story. I just kept wanting her to stand up for herself, and I never really got any satisfaction. Meh.
  • Meg & Jo by Virginia Kantra. As a life-long fan of Little Women, I did NOT expect a modern-day retelling to be any good. I was wrong. It was delightful!
  • The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva. Thrillers AND spy novels AND rom-coms? What a month for reading! I picked this up after I finished watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime because I needed something with action. It was really good, and I’m waiting for the second book in this series to be available on my Libby library app.

What I Watched: 

  • Outer Banks on Netflix was so surprisingly good. I also missed that they were filming most of this in the Charleston area, so I kept recognizing local spots! Such a great show! Can’t wait for Season 2.
  • Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. I’m mildly obsessed with John Krasinski, and this just made me love him more. I highly recommend this series. My only complaint is that the transition between the seasons didn’t work as well as I wanted it to. Other than that, it was fantastic!
  • NCIS on Netflix. Can you tell I’m needing more action lately? I used to watch NCIS when I was in high school, but I’m about eight season behind, so I figured I would catch up. It’s still, in my opinion, some of the best character development in a primetime crime show.

What I Bought: 

I tried SO hard not to shop this month, and I actually did pretty well (aside from a LOFT sale where I ordered a few new things for Spring/Summer). However, one of my friends influenced me to buy a Tarte Eyeshadow Palette, and I love it! It has such pretty, shimmery neutrals. You can buy it here. 

When my eyeshadow arrived, it came with a sample of face-cleanser, and I fell in love with that product, too. My face has never felt cleaner after a long day of wearing makeup then when I use the Squeezy Clean Face Wash.  A little goes a long way, so I know my full-size tube will last a long time! You can buy it here.


So yeah, that was April. It was a productive month, and I honestly didn’t mind the social distancing that month. We’ll see how May goes…

Tell me what you watched, read, or bought in the comments below!



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  1. That’s a super cute shadow palette! I remember as a kid I couldn’t understand why people wore “brown” eyeshadow. Or why you needed so many shades of brown. Now I see all the glorious neutrals.


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