May, June, & July Recap


I started writing a recap post for May & June last month, but I never finished it. For that matter, I haven’t posted on here since May. I could make a million excuses… but I won’t. Life simply got in the way. But I’m here now, and I want to share a few highlights with you from the last few months.


  • We visited Ryan’s family in Georgia, and it was a great little getaway from the craziness around here.
  • I helped celebrate my friend Allison’s birthday on the beach at Sullivan’s Island with takeout from Obstinate Daughter & frosé from Co-Op (if you visit Sullivan’s Island, I highly recommend BOTH of those things).
  • I taught myself to make my own mojitos. It’s really not hard, honestly, but mint was difficult to find in Charleston. I guess everyone was buying it for cocktails! I do use Rum Haven rum, based off the recommendation from my friend Rachel.


  • We were supposed to spend a week in Maine with my in-laws and brother-in-law…but that didn’t happen. So, they came here! We spent at day at Folly Beach (love that place so much), ate at Lewis Barbecue (another Charleston must), and went kayaking on Shem Creek. We rented our kayaks through Nature Adventures on Shem Creek, and I would highly recommend renting from them.
  • We celebrated Ryan’s 29th birthday! We did our actual “celebration” while his family was in town, and his mom made everyone Banana’s Foster, per his request.
  • I got to check out Springbok Coffee Roasters in Charleston with a small group from Tastemakers. We learned so much about where the coffee comes from, how it’s roasted, and how the different ways it is prepared can really enhance the flavors (without all the added stuff).
  • Ryan got a new job! It’s a long story (his story), and it was pretty unexpected but he’s working less hours, gets home by 6:30pm every night, and doesn’t work weekends—all of which are really good changes for us!

JULY (the big month for us)

  • On July 4th, Poppy was bitten by another dog at the beach. She had to go to the emergency vet ($$), and they had to put her to sleep to clean the wound and stitch her up. She was pretty pitiful for a couple weeks, but she’s all better now. She does have a nice scar on her torso to show for it, though!
  •  I turned in my two weeks’ notice at the bank and accepted a job as legal secretary for a Charleston law firm! This was HUGE for me, and a terrifying leap of faith, but it’s one I’m so happy I took.
    • Storytime: I was actually looking for a new job PRIOR to the pandemic shutting everything down. I actually interviewed and was offered another job in early March, but I turned it down because it didn’t feel like the right fit. I’m so glad I made that decision because a few weeks later, everything began shutting down and no one was doing elective surgeries (which would’ve included the office that offered me the job). In late June, I received an email from one of the job-listing sites I had been searching, and it mentioned a local law firm that was hiring. I immediately recognized the name of the firm because I had worked with that law firm for over three years at the bank! I immediately applied and, long story short, I interviewed twice with them and was offered a job. I’m so happy with my choice, and it has been such a great transition. 
  • I celebrated my new job with a girls’ trip to St Augustine, Florida. (The trip was planned ahead of time, but it worked out!) We had such a fun, relaxing few days together and spent lots of time on the beach with cold drinks in our hands!

What I Read In the Last Three Months: 

Honestly, not much. I slacked off on my reading big-time in the last few months, but I did read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (loved this, sobbed at the end), and my friend Jessi’s new co-authored book, Charlie Travesty (the vampire story that beats all other vampire stories.) If you’re a fan of Twilight, True Blood, or Vampire Diaries, you need to read this book!

What I Watched In the Last Three Months: 

I mainly stuck with my old faithfuls over the last few months: New Girl and The Great British Baking Show (seriously, such a great show). And of course, The Office, because we all know I’m obsessed with that show! I did watch Sweet Magnolias and Virgin River. I’d say both of these were a slight step above Hallmark shows/movies, but I really did enjoy both of them. At this crazy time in our world, I need a little bit of cliche in my life, ya know?

What I Have Been Loving In the Last Three Months:

  • Skims bandeau bra. I have avoided strapless bras for years, but this bandeau bra truly is wonderful. It doesn’t slip down, and I’m not constantly tugging it back into place.
  • Simply Watermelon Juice. I started making watermelon mojitos about two months ago, and they are delicious (watermelon juice, rum, mint, and fresh lime juice). Watermelon juice is so refreshing by itself, too, especially on a hot day.




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